What is a Founding Practicing Partner of The Center for Spirituality & Practice?

September 2015. Spirituality & Practice has moved from New York City to Claremont, California, where we are setting up The Center for Spirituality & Practice affiliated with the Claremont School of Theology, a seminary with Methodist roots, an ecumenical history, and an interreligious vision. Read more about our new home.

As we begin this dynamic new chapter in our work, expanding our outreach while securing our legacy, we want to offer our loyal and engaged friends a program of mutual support. We are asking you to become a financial sustainer of S&P with a recurring gift of $10 or more a month. In return, we will give you:

  • Membership in a special community, our Founding Practicing Partners (FPP) Practice Group;
  • Regular emails about what is happening in the FPP group and special opportunities for FPPs;
  • Early registration for special events; and,
  • Acknowledgment on a Founding Practicing Partners page on our website.

You will be a founding member, supporting our new Center from its start, including helping us cover the costs of moving our large library of books, DVDs, CDs, audio programs, and publication archives across the country and setting up a new physical space where students, professors, and volunteers can interact with the S&P team and connect with our virtual community.

You will be practicing such universal spiritual qualities as attention, compassion, justice, reverence, transformation, and the other practices in the Alphabet of Spiritual Literacy.

And you will be our partner in equipping a global circle of people who are living deeper and fuller lives and serving their communities and the wider world. Your support will help us continue our reviewing and e-course programs, find new voices for the website, develop online courses and training programs, and expand the ways we apply spiritual practices where they are needed in our times.

Let us repeat that this is a unique opportunity for those of you who wish to be with us from the very start of this new adventure, the founders of what will become a broader Practicing Partners program.

Join us on this historic occasion as a Founding Practicing Partner of the Center for Spirituality & Practice!