Many of us find that our spiritual practices become richer and deeper experiences when we practice with a community. We may practice at a church, synagogue, mosque, sangha, or other spiritual circle. We may practice through attending retreats and staying in touch with other retreatants afterwards. We may practice by taking e-courses and engaging with others in their online Practice Circles.

Community-building around practices is essential to our vision at Spirituality & Practice, Our website visitors from around the world are practicing together with our recommended resources for spiritual journeys, through our "School of Spiritual Life," and through our special projects on Elder Spirituality, Reverence, and Practicing Democracy.

We are grateful to the following people who have made financial gifts in 2018 to support these programs. You are our Practicing Partners.

Anonymous (5), Sue Alexander, Carolyn Bailey, William Banks, Brent Bill, Hugh N. Blair, Avril Bland, Carol Brainerd, Arlene Butler, Brenda Byane, Mary Bodenstein, Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, Jan Campbell, Patricia Campbell Carlson, Beverly Cone, Tom Neufer Emswiler, Jeanne Favreau-Sorvillo, Adrienne Fermoyle, Mary Agatha Foo, Sara Goldsberry, Ruth Gould, Edye Groseclose, Elizabeth Harper-Lawson, RG Hassett, Merry Helen Hedges, Elizabeth Hochman, Michael Hoopes, Freda Iverson, Andrew Emmet Kelly, Joanne S. Kelly, Melanie King, Daniel and Linda Martin, Anne Mastain, Bud McAllister, Caroline Miller, David Mowry, Maureen Nealon, Nicole Norgaard, Carol Ochs, Mary Raines, Martha Richardson, Kathy Sanders, Margaret Schmitz, Maggie Oman Shannon, Judy Skeels, Robert Spitz, Theresa Swain, Tanya Trzeciak, Susan Turpin, Kathryn Wagner, Tamara Wensil, Donald Wheeler, Martha White, Elodie Winger, Lois Wrightson