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InterSpiritual Wisdom
A rare opportunity to learn from six pioneers of InterSpirituality.

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The Baal Shem Tov
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Daniel Wolk
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Karen Bonnell Werth
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• walk the path of blessings
• pave your days with positive intentions and good deeds
• make your contribution to the repair the world (tikkun olam)
• recognize the sparks of God present throughout the whole creation
• discover the spiritual benefits of observing the Sabbath
• find lessons in the Torah for your daily life
• learn from the wisdom of the Jewish sages
• explore Jewish mysticism in Kabbalah, Hasidism, and Mussar path
• draw closer to God through rituals and holiday observances
• celebrate joy and laughter
• rejoice that the world created by God is good and meant to be enjoyed
• pursue justice in the way of the ancient prophets of Israel

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Rami Shapiro: Lovingkindness

Rachel Naomi Remen: The Life Force

Feature Films

My Father My Lord (Hofshat Kaits)
The Year My Parents Went on Vacation
A Price Above Rubies


Raising the Sparks
Anne Frank Remembered
Praying with Lior

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Light Exercise with Morning Prayers
Exercises and intentions to incorporate into your morning prayers.

Noticing God's World
Look at the world through the eyes of a child.

Looking Beyond the Facade
Experience beauty in yourself to see it in others.

True Conversation
Practice these tips to place the focus on the person with whom we are speaking.

Accepting Tomorrow As It Comes
An exercise to help us be open to what tomorrow holds.

Holy Aloneness
Make time to talk to God and to listen to the responses.

Seeing God in a Piece of Bread
Tracing back God's role in providing a piece of bread for you to eat.

Returning Home After Work
A practice to reconnect with those we live with and leave our workday stresses behind.

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