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Insight Meditation


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Sylvia Boorstein The Liberating Promise of Mindfulness with Sylvia Boorstein
Sylvia BoorsteinLovingkindness with Sylvia Boorstein

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More Insight Meditation Teachers

Donald Altman
Tara Brach
Mark Epstein
Christina Feldman
Matthew Flickstein
Joseph Goldstein
Catherine Ingram
Joan Duncan Oliver
Sayadaw U. Pandita
Larry Rosenberg
Rodney Smith
Mu Soeng
Christopher Titmuss
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• learn to take stock of what is influencing your mind in the moment
• discover the benefits of mindfulness in meditation and daily activities such as cooking, eating, work, sports, parenting, and more.
• extend lovingkindness and compassion to yourself and all beings
• be able to maintain equanimity and nonattachment in various situations
• expand your own joy by rejoicing in the good fortune of others
• discover the capacity of your mind to reduce stress, anger, and fatigue.
• learn more about "skillful means," actions based on kindness, respect, honesty, and timeliness.
• tune in to the reports of your senses and increase awareness of your body
• understand the transformative nature of generosity
• probe the idea that we're not just here to work out our own karma but also that of our family, community, and nation
• experience the support of the sangha or community
• be socially engaged in projects for the well being of all

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Vipassana Metta Chant

Feature Films

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The Dhamma Brothers
Doing Time, Doing Vipassana

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Opening One's Heart to a Stranger
Sending Positive Thoughts.

Steps to Ending our Prejudices
Overcoming prejudice is not something that happens overnight.

A Daily Practice of Appreciation
A practice to help overcome envy, resentment or judgment.

The Sacred Pause
Reconnecting with the present moment.

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