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Catholic Christianity


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• understand the sacramental imagination which recognizes that everything is a sign pointing to God
• experience every day as a gift of grace infused with God's presence
• discover the connection between contemplation and action
• learn from the lives and examples of the saints and church leaders
• commit to peacemaking and service to the poor and needy
• appreciate the beauty and spiritual impact of the sacraments and rituals
• probe the significance of Mary the Mother of Jesus and the Sacred Feminine
• cultivate an appreciation of religious art
• find the meaning of scripture stories and lessons for your life
• develop a deeper and broader prayer life
• experiment with a variety of devotional tools
• explore the blessings of monastic life and retreats

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Bowing to the Dawn
Begin your day by bowing to the dawn.

Ways to Face When Praying
Bodily position at prayer has a powerful influence upon us.

30-day Practice to Experience Your Soul
Use a short prayer said silently to everyone and everything and see what happens.

The First Stone or Hypocrite Stone
Carry a small stone in your pocket to remind you not to criticize.

Intercession Prayer Practice
Putting yourself in strong contact with Christ to pray for others.

Sign of the Cross
The sign of the cross as an expression of religious body language.

Be Reminded of Who We Are
A litany of things to practice to remind us of what we are to do in the world.

The Practice of Simple Regard
Notice God looking at you.

Birthday Every Month
Celebrate your birthday every month as a spiritual practice.

Beggar's Bowl Fasting Practice
Experience others' neediness through fasting.

Peak Experience Practice
Try to relive a peak experience when you have encountered God.

Reminder of Our Freedom of Choice
A practice to remind ourselves of our freedoms.

Practice of Centering Prayer
This prayer practice allows you to experience God's presence.

The Power of Kind Thoughts
Doing what we can for others through prayer and visualization.

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