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Protestant Christianity


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Kenneth L. Bakken
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Patricia D. Brown
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Patricia Adams Farmer
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T.D. Jakes
Kirk Byron Jones
Clarence Jordan
Erik Kolbell
Richard Lischer
Martin Marty
Donald McCullough
Sallie McFague
Robin R. Meyers
Jurgen Moltmann
Richard J. Mouw
Craig L. Nessan
Kathleen Norris
Mark Pierson
Robert Raines
Dorothee Soelle
C.S. Song
Leonard Sweet
Howard Thurman
Dale Turner
Holly W. Whitcomb
Dallas Willard
R. Wayne Willis
Walter Wink
Flora Slosson Wuellner
Pat Youngdahl
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• understand the key concepts of faith, grace, and God's unconditional love
• read the Bible as the continuing story of God's faithfulness
• cultivate a relationship with the Lord Jesus as an exemplar of love, compassion, hospitality, and forgiveness
• experience worship that emphasizes preaching and teaching
• reflect upon sin as separation from God and others
• honor the experience of shaking the foundations in search of renewal
• pursue the implications and imperatives of the prophetic tradition
• commit to justice in the form of human rights, equality, peacemaking, and advocacy for the Earth.
• join groups working with poor and homeless people, refugees, immigrants, and those experiencing discrimination
• take your place in the "priesthood of all believers"
• explore the eclecticism of the Protestant community comprised of mainline churches, progressive Christians, emergent churches, and activist evangelicals
• rejoice in the renewed emphasis on spiritual practice or walking the talk of faith

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Frederick Buecher — Faith

William Sloane Coffin — Grace

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For the Bible Tells Me So

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Body Affirmations
Affirmations to heal the body and proclaim your Divine wholeness.

Wordless Intercessory Prayer
A non-verbal way to pray for enemies.

Practice blessing all those around you.

Prayer of Surrender
This practice of surrendering in prayer was inspired by St. Therese of Lisieux.

Contemplative Reading
An ancient practice common to most religions to quietly nourish yourself with inspiring words.

Pray for Transformation
Prayers for yourself help not just you but the whole world.

Practice to Counter Loneliness
Discover the place within you of stillness, peace and no change.

Pray with Your Life
Integrate the life of prayer into the ordinary events and decisions of everyday life.

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