Book Reviews

The Evolution of Imagination A fascinating exploration of the imagination and improvisation in all creative activities. Imagination
Letting Go of Good A creative and worthwhile mapping of goodness. You
Holistic Islam Applying the beauty and wisdom of Sufism to the challenges of our time Transformation
Fearless Dialogues A presentation of a process for bringing together people to create positive change. Justice
In Search of a Prophet A pilgrimage into the spiritual journey of a Renaissance man. Imagination
The Reunited States of America An incredibly timely and relevant vision of democracy. Connections
Crafting Gratitude 40 projects to make thanksgiving a practice of both hands and heart. Gratitude
Have Black Lives Ever Mattered? A prophetic witness to the pain and suffering of people of color perpetrated by the police, the courts, and the prisons. Justice
Ghosts of the Tsunami A poignant on-the-scene report about the disaster and its aftermath, including its spiritual implications. Meaning
To Hear the Forest Sing Meditative essays on divine themes in everyday life. Listening
Living Tao An exploration of the Taoist approach to character development. Meaning
The World Wisdom Bible Sacred texts and global spirituality explored Devotion
10 Years of KidSpirit A superb sampler of youth-written and edited articles, poetry, and original art from the online journal. Questing
The Way of Mercy A rich collection of essays on mercy by leading Christian writers. Compassion
The Origin of Others An overview from the award-winning writer of the black experience in America. Questing
Sex, Love, and Dharma Hindu wisdom on sex, food, sleep, and relationships. You
A Retreat with Desert Mystics Resources for a seven-day retreat on the fourth century desert mystics. Devotion
Desert Voices A vision of love, caring, interfaith dialogue, and desert wonders. Transformation
Voluntary Simplicity A clear presentation of a way of life that balances both the inner and outer aspects of our lives. Meaning
Meow! A picture book that gives children a chance to figure out what a kitten is saying. Imagination