In this beautifully written book, Kent Nerburn has assembled a group of poignant and poetic essays that capture and convey the harsh grandeur of northwestern Minnesota. The author of Letters to My Son is an ardent believer in the spiritual practice of listening. From the Ojibwe tribe with whom he has worked, he learned how to "find a message in a thunderstorm or a promise in the passage of an eagle overhead." The voice of God speaks through the land.

Nerburn also practices the spiritual crafts of attention, being present, and wonder. He writes about an old pine tree that is a friend. He sees snow as "a prayer shawl, donned upon the land," and he senses a wildness he can't control in an encounter with a buffalo. As the title of the book suggests, Nerburn has opened up his heart and all of his senses to appreciate the poetics of place, the changing of the seasons, and the Native American path of walking in beauty.