Tim Freke is a prolific authority on spirituality and the author of more than 20 books that have been translated into 15 languages. In Soul Story he presents a philosophical adventure story which explains the lineaments of "emergent spirituality." During these times of turmoil, people are seeking a way of life that integrates religious wisdom and scientific knowledge into "one coherent account of the evolution of existence."

Freke begins by reframing time not as a type of measurement but as the reality which we immerse ourselves in and make the most of as best we can. The author is emphatic and vigorous when he states. "You don't have a life, you are your life."

Just as it is our mission to stay alert to the wonders of human beings, animals, and plants; it is also our duty to relish the marvels of the soul which took 13.8 billion years to emerge and then open to the mysteries of life as a story. Freke confesses that he has probed the soul-dimension through meditation, shamanic journeys, contemplation, dreamwork, and much more.

All of this leads to the grand finale -- a vigorous and expansive portrait of the Spirit as the universe and all us as one in the Spirit. What does this mean for human evolution? It means orchestrating our being around this idea: " Life is good … death is safe … and what really matters is love." This is the hub of Freke's philosophy of emergent spirituality.

There is much more to be taken in and assessed here, such as the need for human beings to see the purpose of their lives as fulfilling their potential to serve the greatest good of all, to creatively engage with the process of conscious choice, and to water the seeds of empathy and peace.

We are quite impressed with Freke's life-affirming vision of death and the afterlife. Of the latter he writes:

"I suggest that what happens to us after death is not a reward or punishment for how we have lived … but rather an opportunity to explore all we have previously experienced in a new light as part of the process of soul evolution."

To further understand and appreciate this new paradigm, make a place in your consciousness for mystery, magic, playfulness, the splendor of the imagination, paradox and asking the big questions. By doing so, you can experience anew the bloom of the soul as you "set sail for home."