Native American Spirituality is such a treasure trove of wisdom that there is no end to its helpfulness to those on a path of wholeness and flourishing. Michael Oren Fitzgerald is the author and editor of more than 15 books; Joseph A. Fitzgerald has edited ten books on diverse themes in world religion, culture, and philosophy.

As the editors of this paperback, they have gathered a top-drawer collection of quotations from nearly 50 tribal nations. Their goal is "to present in beauty something of nature's message as described through Indian voices." In the foreword Joseph Bruchac revels in the connections Indians have been able to make between all parts of the natural world and their everyday lives.

In a Song to Bring Fair Weather, the Noorka instruct us to attend to the bounties of nature:

"You, whose day it is, make it beautiful.
Get out your rainbow colors so it will be beautiful."

From the Yuki Song of the Obsidian Ceremony comes the following:

"The rock did not come here by itself.
The tree does not stand here of itself.
There is one who made all of this.
Who shows us everything."

And then there is the counsel of the Sioux Lame Deer:

"You have to listen to all the creatures, listen with your mind. They have secrets to tell."