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An Excerpt from The Flying Drum: The Mojo Doctor's Guide to Creating Magic in Your Life by Bradford Keeney

Take a magical mystery tour of sacred objects, mojo, and healing with Bradford Keeney sponsored by indigenous peoples from all over the world. Here is an excerpt on love.

"There is no end to the mojo that can be associated with pillows and pillow talk. I'm from Louisiana, and some of the old mojo doctors down here used to talk about the hoodoo of pillow magic. Certain things, like a feather, dust, salt and pepper, or even a pair of scissors, were placed inside a pillow to stir things up. You could brew either trouble or something good depending on the pillow magic you used. The good mojo flows from love. Always. Send your love into a pillow and it will become magic.

The good mojo flows from love. Always.
Send your love into a pillow and it will become magic.

"I also recommend taking a string that is as long as the length of your pillow. Stretch it out on a table and, with a red felt pen, make a single dot at one end of the string. When you do this, think of a person you love. Feel your love for them as you make the dot. Make another dot and open your heart to another person you love. These people can be living or deceased relatives, friends, or figures from history, including holy ones. Make those loving dots all along the string. You can do as few as five dots or as many dots as you can get on the string. Hold this string over your heart and then place it inside your pillow. Consider it to be your mojo love line. It connects your heart with those you love in a special way. This will feed you some delicious love mojo while you dream. Don't forget to take it out every night before you sleep and hold it over your heart before placing it back inside the pillow."


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