Lisa Ryan is a nationally known gratitude expert and founder of Grategy, a company specializing in keynotes, workshops, and seminars. She agrees with Robert Emmons of the University of California who has done extensive study of this important spiritual practice:

"Far from being a warm, fuzzy sentiment, gratitude is morally and intellectually demanding. It requires contemplation, reflection, and discipline and can be hard work."

Ryan believes that is especially important to be thankful during hard times and difficult situations. It is then when we can see how dependent we are on the kindness and love of others. The author suggests keeping a gratitude journal to serve as a spur to regular appreciation.

Throughout the book, Ryan inspires us with thought-provoking quotations. Here is one of our favorites:

"Life without thankfulness is devoid of love and passion.
Hope without thankfulness is lacking in fine perception.
Faith without thankfulness lacks strength and fortitude.
Every virtue divorced from thankfulness is maimed and limps along the spiritual road."
— John Henry Jowett

Gratitude is good medicine, and Ryan shows us how this spiritual practice can enrich and give new meaning to self-exploration, health, and our relationships with friends and others. There is also a special section on gratitude and business.