Pema Chodron is an American Buddhist nun in the lineage of meditation master Chogyam Trungpa. She is resident teacher at Gampo Abbey, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, the first Tibetan Buddhist monastery for Westerners in North America. Chodron is a Living Spiritual Teacher on Spirituality & Practice. In her profile you will find links to reviews of and excerpts from her books, audio lectures, e-courses, and more.

In this cogent examination of meditation, Chodron sees it as "the big sky — spacious, vast enough to accommodate anything that arises." When we do this practice, we nurture five qualities — steadfastness, awareness, courage, flexible to the present moment, and "no big deal." Soothing and stabilizing the mind is something that is very appealing in our busy and stress-filled days.

Chodron, always an engaging and relaxed teacher, offers the basics of mindfulness awareness practice with suggestions on posture, breathing, and relaxation. She maintains that gentleness, patience, and humor are needed by all those who sit on a cushion. Meditation offers good training in letting go, working with thoughts, experiencing emotions, and dealing with unfavorable conditions. Learning the art of being truly present is the ultimate benefit of this practice.