Julian of Norwich was a medieval mystic who spent a large part of her life as an enclosed anchoress. Her most famous work is Revelations of Divine Love where she shared her mystical visions and her distinctive understanding of (1) God is One. (2) Everything is in God. (3) God is in everything, and (4) God transcends and encloses all that is made.

Mary C. Earle, an Episcopal priest, retreat leader, and spiritual director, serves as editor of this edition in the Skylight Illuminations Series. She has been introducing the writings of Julian at seminaries and conferences for more than 20 years.

Earle gives us fresh insights into Julian's mystical path where she states that the universe lasts because God loves it into being and sustains it in love. She honors the mystery of Divine love and yet, at the same time sees all of us, like the hazelnut, held in God's hand.