Cait Johnson was trained at the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology and has been a professional counselor for more than twenty years. She holds an M.F.A. in theatre arts and teaches workshops on self-healing, poetry writing, and conscious eating.

At an earth-honoring workshop with children ranging in age from four to twelve, she used the following song to bring them all together: "Earth my body / Water my blood / Air my breath and / Fire my spirit." During this week-long gathering, Johnson saw "the power of the elements to create a loving community from individuals of very different ages, backgrounds and faiths." In this book she has assembled resources, rituals and ideas about earth, water, fire, and air from Buddhism, Christianity, Earth-honoring paths, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism. Johnson also offers guided visualizations, meditations, journal exercises, and creative ideas that will help readers to better appropriate each of the four elements.

The author divides material on "Earth" into chapters on the nurturing ground, the underworld (roots), the sacred stone, and the holy garden grove. Since we are stone people, we were very impressed with the potpourri of quotations and commentary on rocks as sources of durability, strength, and inspiration. In "Water," Johnson reflects on this element as the mystery of life/death/life, as purifier, as compassionate healer, and as creative source. Also check out her discussion of the face of fire as destroyer/liberator and her assessment of fresh air as inspirer.

This user-friendly resource will draw you closer to the embrace of the four elements and link you spiritually to a long line of nature lovers throughout the ages.