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Spirituality & Practice
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E-Courses for Continuing Education for Clergy and Chaplains

Spirituality & Practice's E-Courses and Online Retreats provide opportunities for continuing education for clergy and chaplains as well as lifelong learning for laypeople.

Our Practicing Spirituality E-Courses present the wisdom and practices of the world's religions through excerpts from books by leading contemporary teachers and ancient sources. Some of these spiritual courses are offered during a specific time period and include access to an online Practice Circle where participants share their understandings and experiences with each other. The variety of viewpoints expressed and applications to everyday life shared greatly enhances the learning.

Other courses explore how to practice everyday spirituality in various situations - at home, at work, during illness, in nature - or in relationships - with children, animals, and friends. Another series presents the teachings of master spiritual teachers such as Thomas Merton, Jesus, Rumi, Pema Chodron, Thich Nhat Hanh, and His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Those who companion others and provide spiritual direction appreciate a series of 21-day programs to break habits. These offer brief spiritual quotes and practice suggestions to help with such common dilemmas as the blahs, fear, disappointment, and impatience.

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Books and Films for Continuing Education for Chaplains and Clergy

Spirituality & Practice houses a searchable database of 4,000 reviews of spiritual books and 4,000 reviews of films, and new reviews are added every week. Each review is coded according to the spiritual practice it explicates and tagged by common religious terms and cultural topics. Subjects include ethics, justice, social problems, emotions, happiness, simplicity, death and dying, meditation, and many more. See the Maps and Blogs area of the website to search on specific content areas.

For those looking to explore new subjects, find the latest sources in their field of interest, or see a different perspective on a favorite work, Spirituality & Practice offers hours of valuable study. Most book reviews are accompanied by excerpts, so you can get a real sense of a writer's work.

For more information, please continue browsing our website. The Spiritual Literacy DVD series, for example, is being used by chaplains in hospitals, prisons, and retirement communities for their own personal growth and for small group enrichment.

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