DVD Reviews

Aquarius A portrait of an unconventional 65-year-old woman who is a consummate lover of place. Beauty
The Women's Balcony A well-done religious drama set in Jerusalem where the members of a small synagogue face changes demanded by a fundamentalist zealot. Zeal
Truman A heart-affecting drama about dying, grief, friendship, and love. Love
The Midwife A satisfying dramedy about a woman seeking fresh directions and adventures during middle age. Transformation
A Woman's Life A sobering portrait of the victimization of a woman who lacks the character quality of resilience. Meaning
The Death of Louis XIV An unusual French film about death and dying. You
The Passion of Augustine Intriguing drama about a musically gifted religious who creatively handles the many changes which come her way. Transformation
After the Storm A touching story about a mad and sad blocked writer in the midst of a midlife breakdown. You
A Tale of Love and Darkness A sobering and insightful screen rendition of Amos Oz's memoir. Love
Neruda A Chilean film that blends fantasy and realism in its treatment of poet Pablo Neruda and a policeman fascinated with him. Questing
Frantz A heart-affecting and inventive drama about war, grief, forgiveness, and the healing powers of art. Forgiveness
Dheepan A riveting film about three Sri Lankan refugees and their quest for a place to call home. Love
Things to Come A touching portrait of a resilient woman facing multiple challenges as she ages. Being Present
The Salesman A portrait of a marriage that is rocked by an intruder's sexual assault. Love
Julieta An immersive mother-daughter story that vividly explores emotional literacy. Love
Being 17 A compelling French drama that enables us to savor the poignant mysteries of love, yearning, and sex. Love
The Brand New Testament A dramedy about the Divine Feminine with a surplus of laughter, tears, music that touches the soul, and miracles that soften the heart. Compassion
A Man Called Ove A Swedish dramedy about the strange and wonderful ways in which a difficult person's heart can be tenderized. Transformation
Neither Heaven Nor Earth A French/Belgian metaphysical drama about the mysterious disappearance of soldiers on both sides in the Afghanistan war. X-The Mystery
1000 Rupee Note A sobering depiction of the damage that money can do to caring and compassionate people. Justice
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