Daniela (Blanca Lewin) and Bruno (Gonzalo Valenzuela) are making their version of mad passionate love in the opening scene of this Chilean drama directed by Matias Bize. They met a few hours ago at a party in Santiago and wound up at a motel. Although they demonstrate a flair for sexual intercourse, neither can remember the other's name. Not much is made of this since both of them are in a playful mood. When asked whether she has done this before, Daniele briefly shares three other experiences in motels with men.

They discuss past relationships, watch television, and take a bath together which gives Bruno a chance to revive himself for another bout of love-making. But when he calls out the name of another woman, Daniele pushes him away. Then Bruno discovers that there's a hole in the condom. They both are anxious about what this might mean. She says that casual sex means little to her and Bruno descends into a funk.

The screenplay by Julio Rojas allows this young couple to playfully explore their physical connection. But it turns out to be much more difficult to be playful with their emotions and intimacy. When Bruno announces that he is leaving for Belgium next week to start a post-doctorate degree, Daniele is very disappointed. She tells him that she sought him out at the party and determined that they would have sex. Her concept of God enables her to see their romantic encounter as a preordained thing. But all that flies out the window with his surprising news. Knowing that their relationship is for one evening, Bruno confesses a dark secret revolving around his missing brother, something he has never told another soul. She matches him with her own confession and he is equally stunned by the implications of what she has chosen as her path to happiness.

The ending is open-ended, so it's up to you, given your own predilections and interpretation of their treatment of each other through the night, to decide if they really go their separate ways.

Special features on the DVD include: bonus interviews; a short film by director Matias Bize; deleted scenes; rehearsals; TV Spots; photo montage

Originally screened at the New Directors/New Films Festival 2006 in New York City. Museum of Modern Art.