Dennis (Dash Mihok) and Peter (Peter Facinelli) are best friends who had their glory days in high school and now after college are working behind the counter at a pizza joint. They are both ashamed of their status but unable to do much about it.

In this comedy written and directed by Robert De Franco, these former jocks haven't got a clue how to relate to women. Dennis is paralyzed over regrets for having betrayed a girl at a party years ago while his buddy Peter is busy trying to dodge old flames such as Deb (Jennifer Love Hewitt). A homeless man (Richard Libertini) who is given free pizza by the kind-hearted Dennis turns out to be a homespun philosopher: "Everything is exactly the way it is supposed to be." Coming of age in America takes a lot longer than it used to but even late bloomers rejoice when they finally can join the march into adulthood. It usually requires taking responsibility for your actions and accepting yourself — warts and all.