As Bill Cosby once remarked, "For middle-aged men, it is always third down and long yardage." To over-the-hill rockers, this stage of life is even more painful — their glory days are over and it is time to stop trying to be forever young. These are some of the bittersweet themes in this comedy written and directed by Allison Anders and Kurt Voss.

Los Angeles rock producer Burt (Larry Klein) is trying to orchestrate a record contract for three 1980s British glam rockers: Clive (John Taylor of Duran Duran), who's married to former movie scream queen Eva (Rosanna Arquette); Jonesy (Martin Kemp of Spandau Ballet), a drug dealer; and Nick (Michael Des Barres of Detective and Power Station), who still relishes dating young women. Their future lies in the whims of Jane (Beverly D'Angelo), a wealthy widow who might invest in their comeback. None of them have the energy or the chutzpah of Gwen (Jade Gordon), a brazen young woman who will do anything to fulfill her dream of becoming a rock star.

Sugar Town satirizes the foibles and follies of these characters along with a film production designer (Ally Sheedy), who can't relate to men; a married studio musician (John Doe), who must fend off the sexual advances of a Latino singer (Lumi Cavazos); and a love child (Vincent Barry), who is returned to his reluctant father.