The title of this informative documentary by Jeff Reichert refers to the process of re-drawing the districts of state and federal legislatures for political advantage. Although a long line of presidents from John F. Kennedy through Barack Obama has condemned this corrupt political process, the Democrats and the Republicans continue to use it to keep an incumbent in office. Gerrymandering is not tolerated by other governments, and they are astonished by the practice in the U.S.

Reichert focuses on the 2008 California ballot measure "Pop 11," spearheaded by Kathay Feng who led the drive to put a nonpartisan citizen committee in charge of redistricting. This bold initiative was supported by Governor Schwarzenegger. Also referred to is Tom Delay's use of gerrymandering in Texas. Commentary on this political process is offered by Howard Dean, Ed Rollins, Pete Wilson, and Gray Davis.

The American redistricting process is a hindrance to democracy and should be reformed, along with the shabby treatment of third-party candidates and the outrageous campaign contribution fiasco.