Here is an adrenalin-pumping 1996 film directed by Jan de Bont (Speed) that hurdles forward with unrelenting momentum and awesome special effects. When meteorologist Bill Harding (Bill Paxton) arrives in Oklahoma to pick up divorce papers from his scientist wife Jo (Helen Hunt), a series of storms are gathering over the state. Accompanied by his girlfriend (Jami Gertz) he is eager to begin a new career as a weatherman. But Bill is pulled back into his old life when it soon becomes apparent that this is his best chance to use scientific equipment he designed that will gather new data about tornadic activity. To do so, he and Jo, aided by their ragtag team of university scientists, must put themselves in the path of a twister. And just to complicate matters, a rival group of scientists is tracking the tornados hoping to make their breakthrough into the annals of meteorological history.

This DVD includes behind-the-scenes documentaries The Making of a Twister and Anatomy of the Twister; theatrical trailers; commentary by director Jan de Bont and visual effects supervisor Stefan Fangmeier; and, best of all, a 5.1 Dolby Digital mix, which conveys the fury of the twisters. This movie leaves you with a deep respect for the terrifying power of nature.