Adele (Valerie Donzelli) has been ditched by her longtime boyfriend Mathieu. Forced to leave his apartment and start a new life without him, Adele falls into a dark depression and sleeps a lot. Rachel (Beatrice De Stael), her cousin, takes her in but is at first uncomfortable with the arrangement.

One day, after giving the hysterical Adele a tranquilizer, Rachel takes her to the park. But then she has to leave suddenly as the sleeping Adele slumps on the bench. Pierre (Jeremie Elkaim), a student and artist, looks after her until Rachel returns in the evening.

Eventually Adele realizes that her relationship with Mathieu has truly ended and he won't be coming back to her. Rachel finds her a job as a nanny looking after a small child. Jacques, the father of the infant, drives Adele home and develops a crush on her. When she does have sex with him in the front seat of his car, she has multiple orgasms, something that never happened with Mathieu.

Valerie Donzelli serves as writer, director, and lead actress in this entrancing French romantic comedy which explores the many different dimensions of the heartbreak of a failed love relationship. She includes song interludes by Adele which accentuate the shallow ideas and ideals about romance perpetuated in pop culture. But sometimes these notions have the sting of reality.

Adele doesn't even like Jacques but she does fall in love at her first sight with Paul. She goes gaga over him and even purchases a cell phone and learns how to text in order to stay in touch with him. Much to her surprise, Paul likes kinky sex. This sends Adele back to Pierre for counseling and advice.

Jeremie Elkaim plays all four of the men in Adele's journey out of heartbreak. Her choices for companionship are not all that different from each other, but we can still hope by the end of the film that Adele is on her way to a new life.

Special features on the DVD include the featurette Luis and Marta Work Together by Alois Di Leo