In City Hall, all hell breaks loose in New York City after a cop, a drug dealer, and a six-year-old black child are killed in a street shootout.

Kevin Calhoun (John Cusack), an idealistic deputy mayor, begins an informal investigation and finds evidence of high-level corruption and malfeasance.

John Pappas (Al Pacino), the populist mayor and his mentor, is a master at urban politics. He knows the name of the game when it comes to dealing with the media, judges, developers, and political hot shots.

Eventually Calhoun's zeal for the truth puts him up against Frank Anselmo (Danny Aiello), a slick Brooklyn wheeler dealer with unsavory connections.

City Hall is a riveting drama about the moral ambiguity of contemporary politics. Director Harold Becker draws out three stunning performances from Pacino, Aiello, and Cusack.