This flashy drama stars Kevin Costner as an ex-Secret Service agent who reluctantly takes a job as a bodyguard for Rachel Marron (Whitney Houston), a superstar singer and actress.

Directed by Mick Jackson (L.A. Story), the film depicts what happens when two individuals from very different social and racial worlds cross over into each other's private lives. The screenplay by Lawrence Kasdan (Grand Canyon) shows how our lives can be throttled by the emotions of fear and desire.

In one scene, the superstar's young son asks the bodyguard what he fears most; he answers, "I'm afraid of not being there." This is a common worry, as familiar to most of us as the yearning for someone to watch over us so that we don't have to be afraid.. This movie touches those kinds of primal feelings. It also leaves us with a spooky respect for the monkish bodyguard who, as a modern-day knight, is willing to lay down his life for the woman he has pledged to protect.