Toy Story is a total delight. The creators of this first full-length animated film to be produced entirely via computer graphics demonstrate their love of play and the powerful pull of imagination.

Six-year-old Andy's favorite toy is Woody (voiced by Tom Hanks), a pull-string talking sheriff who magically springs to life when the boy is away. This cowboy presides over his fellow toys, including Mr. Potato Head (Don Rickles), Slinky Dog (Jim Varney), Rex the Dinosaur (Wallace Shawn), and Little Bo Peep (Annie Potts).

Woody's pride turns to ire when he's replaced in Andy's affections by Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen), a space ranger with pop-out wings and flashing laser beam. The two must work out their rivalry in the midst of several adventures which take them to a fast food/game emporium and to the dangerous house of Sid, a kid next door who enjoys finding innovative ways to destroy toys.

This captivating film with its digitally animated action will win the hearts and minds of all who see it. Toy Story belongs in everyone's home.