The culture seems to say that women in America who are thirty and not yet married are damaged goods. The greatest pressure to do something about their status often comes from their birth families. That certainly is the case for the three roommates in Wedding Bell Blues, a romantic comedy directed by Dana Lustig.

Jasmine (Illeana Douglas) is a promiscuous and independent woman who's always been an outsider. Micki (Julie Warner) has been ditched by her fiance because she's not passionate enough for him. And Tanya (Paulina Porizkova) is distraught when she finds out that her lover doesn't want to marry her just because she's pregnant.

On a lark, these three pressured friends head off to Las Vegas in hopes of finding some suckers who will marry and then immediately divorce them. Or as one of them puts it, "It would be better to be thirty years old and divorced than thirty years old and never have been married."

Of course, nothing goes as planned and surprises abound. Jasmine's hard-edged cynicism is dulled, Micki has an orgasm, and Tanya comes home with increased self-confidence. Wedding Bell Blues, written by Annette Goliti Gutierrez vividly conveys the mixed feelings many thirty-year-old women have about love, marriage and self-esteem.