It takes a long time for many of us to relax into our sexual selves. Sirens is an enchanting film about Estella (Tara Fitzgerald), a repressed minister's wife whose dormant sensual instincts are brought to a boiling point during a visit to a controversial Australian artist's (Sam Neil) home and studio. For her the place becomes an Eden with its blend of unabashed nudity, creativity, and even the presence of a snake. While her earnest husband (Hugh Grant) tries to convince their host to retract from an exhibition a painting that has been deemed blasphemous by the Bishop of Sydney, Estelle frolics with the artist's free-spirited models and succumbs to the allure of erotic fantasies. In the end, her sexual stirring has positive ramifications for her marriage even though her husband doesn't see it that way at first. Writer and director John Duigan (Wide Sargaso Sea) has made a congenial film about art and eros.