Dream Lover is a psychological thriller starring James Spader as a wealthy architect who has just divorced his wife. He's looking for the perfect woman and the beautiful and exotic Lena (Madchen Amick) conveniently enters his life. She tells him: "Just because I'm halfway pretty, guys think they know me. Like I'm their fantasy. When you say I'm beautiful, it's like you're not looking at me at all." Right. But the architect marries her anyway. Two years into the marriage he discovers Lena is a liar and not what she seems to be at all. The deeper he prys into her life the more stunned he is at what he finds. Writer and director Nicholas Kazan has made a very clever and involving film about the battle between the sexes. The drama overtakes us like a dream and spins around with its revelations about mystery, fantasy, deception, truth, and domination in relationships.