The honor of the regiment is at stake. The scene: a British officer's mess in India in the late nineteen century. The event: an attractive regimental window (Susannah York) has been attacked. Accused of the crime is Millington (James Faulkner), a rebellious young chap who angers his superiors by disregarding the regiment's tradition and codes of behavior. A kangaroo court is set up to take care of the matter without public knowledge. Milington's straight-arrow roommate (Michael York) is assigned to defend him.

This drama appeared on Broadway in 1970. It has been brought to the movie screen with all of its bite intact. Conduct Unbecoming registers as a courtroom drama, a light comedy, and a mystery play. Filling out the cast are such excellent performers as Richard Attenborough, Trevor Howard, Stacy Keach, and Christopher Plummer.

DVD features include Audio Commentary from Cast and Crew.