This clever and entertaining movie taps into the American public's obsession with whodunits. It's based on the popular board game Clue about multiple murders. Who the culprit is depends upon where you see the film; there are three endings for different theaters.

The following individuals arrive at an American Gothic mansion as invited dinner party guests: Eileen Brennan as the eccentric wife of a Senator, Madeline Kahn as the notorious widow Mrs. White, Christopher Lloyd as the libidinous Professor Plumb, Michael McKean as a prissy civil servant, Martin Mull as the righteous Colonel Mustard, and Lesley Ann Warren as the seductive Miss Scarlet. Also on hand are Tim Curry as the British butler Wadsworth, Colleen Camp as a buxom French maid, Kellye Nakahara as the cook, and Lee Ving as the mysterious Mr. Boddy.

Director Jonathan Lynn keeps the action humming along, the bodies piling up, and the one-liners zinging nonstop. As a game and as a movie, Clue is fun.