This is the sixth installment in the "Comedies and Proverbs" series in which French writer and director Eric Rohmer proves the romantic yearnings of women poised at "a moment of passage between youth and maturity." This new film takes place in a satellite city near Paris. It focuses on the friendship between Blanche (Emmanuelle Chaulet), a shy individual who lives alone, and Lea (Sophie Renoir), an attractive younger woman who has a relaxed rapport with men and is currently living with Fabien (Eric Viellard). When Blanche meets Alexandre (Francois Eric Gendron), a notorious ladies man, she goes gaga over him although he shows absolutely no interest in her. The film presents the muddle these women get into because they cannot sort out their true feelings about what they want from a man Although L’Ami de Mon Amie makes some interesting points about romance, friendship between men and women, and single life in the city, the film lacks the visceral and philosophical clout of Rohmer’s last picture, Summer.