In 1953 Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay were the first two men to climb to the summit of Mount Everest. Since then, mountaineers from all over the world have come to this sacred place on a quest. They want to experience the staggering beauty of the natural world; to test themselves against the rigors of ever-changing weather, the dangers of sudden avalanches, and the challenges of high altitude physiology; and to savor the rewards of teamwork.

For anyone who wonders what lies behind the mystique of mountain climbing, Everest is the answer. American climber and filmmaker David Breashears has documented his 1996 expedition to the world's tallest peak using large format IMAX photography. Other climbers include the son of Tenzig Norgay; Araceli Segarra, a Spanish physiotherapist; Sumiyo Tsuzuki, a Japanese woman; and a large Sherpa support team.

Their dramatic film contains fascinating scientific data about geology, interesting glimpses into Tibetan Buddhism, and the rescue of an American climber from another expedition ahead of this one in which eight people lost their lives during a terrible storm. Watching Everest unfold on the towering Sony IMAX screen is an awesome experience.