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Bringing Compassion to the Middle East


In this article posted to her blog on The Huffington Post, Karen Armstrong shares her experience of being in the United Arab Emirates to speak about the Charter for Compassion. She was impressed by the positive response to her efforts to apply the Golden Rule globally. She also reveals that the health and well-being of the planet depends upon the commitment of compassionate leaders: "Compassion requires a resolute, intellectual, imaginative and moral effort to put oneself into somebody else's shoes. It requires us to refuse to inflict on others the pain that we have experienced in our own lives, and to work tirelessly for a just world and a global democracy, in which all voices are heard, not simply those of the rich and powerful."

Armstrong hopes that the UAE can become a global leader by promoting the Charter for Compassion. We believe that all spiritual people can and should join her in this worthwhile project.

Read this at The Huffington Post


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