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Boomer Parent's Lament


Baby Boomers raised their children to be aggressive and confident about the great things they could achieve in the marketplace. But now, according to Timothy Egan, the great fear is "that our kids will never find their way." Employment rates and starting salaries have fallen off, 55% of humanities majors are not working or hold jobs that require no college degree, and recent graduates are burdened with heavy college loan payments. For those raised to get their self-worth from performance, the result is feelings of worthlessness.

The economy is crushing "the best and the brightest" of the Millennial generation. What can parents and friends do? They can set aside the notion that a person is defined solely by a job or accomplishments. We suggest that religious congregations offer sanctuary to Millennials who need the support and counsel of peers, mentors, and elders. Instead of asking at coffee hour, "Where do you work?" you might say instead, 'What keeps you busy these days?" The spiritual practices of kindness and compassion are needed in dealing with this generation of hyper-achievers who face an uncertain future and are being forced into a scaled-down life in place of the one they were promised by our culture and their Baby Boomer parents.

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