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Spiritual Practice

Take the Other Out to Lunch

A Practice for the Anniversary of 9/11

by Elizabeth Lesser


On this tenth anniversary of the terrorist acts on September 11, I offer the following practice for those whose passion is to "be the peace" we long to see in the world. How can we take the experience we have in meditation or yoga or prayer — the sense of seamless unity with all beings and all phenomena — out into society? There's an angry divisive tension in the air these days. Can we harness the power of our "inner mystic" and become, as Dr. King called it, "warriors for peace?"

Please watch a TED talk (in the video player below) that I gave in December, 2010, and consider giving legs to your spiritual practice by going to lunch with someone who doesn't agree with you. You'll find simple directions for "taking the other to lunch." If you care about our country and our world, the time is now to meet divisiveness with the power of our spiritual convictions.


Elizabeth Lesser

This practice was contributed to Spirituality & Practice for the anniversary of 9/11. Elizabeth Lesser is a writer and retreat leader and one of our Living Spiritual Teachers.

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