Recent Quotes of the Day

Marian Wright Edelman in Yom Kippur Readings Forgive our rich nation where small children suffer from hunger quite legally.
Sue Monk Kidd in Firstlight God speaks in whispers
Daniel C. Noel in The Soul of Shamanism A shamanic spirituality of imaginal healing
James W. Jones in Mirror of God Christianity and Buddhism have both aimed at a surmounting of egotism
Jacob Needleman in The American Soul The proper meaning of the word "civilization" refers to these efforts and their results.
Master Sheng-yen in Complete Enlightenment People who think they have become enlightened have not
Marc Ian Barasch in Field Notes on the Compassionate Life Universal compassion is an evolutionary imperative
Heraclitus in Fragments The name of justice would mean what?
Mahatma Gandhi in Peace Is the Way If you have truth in you
Sri Ramakrishna in Expect A Miracle The winds of grace are always blowing
Bernard Glassman, Rick Fields in Instructions to the Cook Cooking, like life, is about transformation
Sachiko Mirata in The Vision of Islam The soul is an ocean without shore
David W. Augsburger in Hate-Work The essence of hatred
John F. Kennedy in 50 Ways to Save the Ocean We all come from the sea We all come from the sea
Lama Thubten Yeshe in Becoming the Compassion Buddha When the beggar saw the rich man make offerings
Carol Bly in Writing the Sacred Journey You can give design to your own life
Jurgen Moltmann in Passion for God Prayer never stands by itself
Maria Jaoudi in Christian Mysticism East and West A failure to respond to our God-likeness
Francis Fukuyama in Somebodies and Nobodies The struggle for recognition
St. Teresa of Avila in A Book of Saints Let love determine your path
Reinhold Niebuhr in When True Simplicity Is Gained give us grace to understand how our lives depend upon our fellow humans
Pema Chodron in Practicing Peace in Times of War Without labels of "you" and "me," "enemy" and "friend"
Rami Shapiro in The Sacred Art of Lovingkindness There is nothing wrong with narrow mind.