Recent Quotes of the Day

Carter Heyward in God in the Balance Our nation has made mistakes that have resulted in massive suffering.
Eve Ensler in Stop the Next War Now Paradigm is going to emerge
Hazel Scott in Wisdom of the African World Explain to your children why they were born
Rollo May in Teach Us to Number Our Days When you are old you have a lot of experience
Imam al-Bukhari in Moral Teachings of Islam Wealth lies not in abundance of worldly goods
Czech Saying in Local Wonders A word which flies out of the mouth
Mark Nepo in Facing the Lion, Being the Lion Getting to know another always began with three simple questions
Rachel Naomi Remen in My Grandfather's Blessings Finding meaning require us to see differently
Robert Lawrence Smith in A Quaker Book of Wisdom A query is like a burr under the saddle of the soul.
Scott Russell Sanders in Hunting For Hope We learn to savor all sorts of patterns
John Dear in Jesus the Rebel Wear them down with our kindness until they accept the wisdom of nonviolence
Terry Bookman in The Busy Soul It really isn't yours anyway
Gabrielle Roth in Connections Everything moves through the cycle of five rhythms
Andrew Harvey in Son of Man Jesus was accompanied by an atmosphere of joy
John Daido Loori in Riding the Ox Home Spiritual journey of discovering our true nature
Kim Chernin in In My Father's Garden Makes it possible then to act in a world
James Finley in Merton's Palace of Nowhere The true self is our whole self before God
Matthew Fox in The Physics of Angels he authentic word comes out of silence.
Hugh Prather in Shining Through Today there is nothing to decide
Eugene Kennedy in 9-11: Meditations at the Center of the World Our human spiritual destiny is to build bridges
Ted Loder in Guerrillas of Grace Speak now and help me listen