Recent Quotes of the Day

Michael Lerner in Jewish Renewal God is the third partner in a happy marriage
Elizabeth A. Johnson in Women, Earth and Creator Spirit At the heart of physical reality is a living communion
Attar in Essential Sufism This too shall pass
Lao Tzu in The Tao of Elvis Deeper love means higher cost
Robert Muller in Full Esteem Ahead Only unity can bring well-being
Terry Bookman in The Busy Soul Imagine compassion being sent into the universe
Harvey Cox in When Jesus Came to Harvard Blessed are the Peacemakers
Chris Hedges in Frederic Brussat's Twitter Collection Without courage there is no virtue
Henri J. M. Nouwen in Hope Notes Keep humming in the darkness
Richard Mahler in Stillness Fear of too much quiet alone-time
Simone Weil in Writing from the Center Let us love the country of here below.
David Richo in The Five Things We Cannot Change Loving-kindness frees us from retaliation
Alan Jones in Common Prayer on Common Ground The true Christian mentality is more of a banquet than a fortress
Gary Zukav in Soul to Soul Meditations Unworthiness lies at the heart of human experience
Rami Shapiro in Minyan Tzedakah is the practice of generosity
Debra T. Gold in Sister Stories Siblings as caretakers
Dorothy Day in The Soul of Politics The mystery of the poor is that they are Jesus
Carl Gustav Jung in The Shadow in America We live in a time when there dawns upon us
Thomas Berry in The Community of Religions A common destiny with the Earth community
Eihei Dogen in The Morning Star We concern ourselves with the authenticity of practice
Henri J. M. Nouwen in Jacob's Hip The greatest challenge
Morihei Ueshiba in Remembering O-Sensei It must be the budo of love.