Recent Quotes of the Day

Jeffrey A. Kottler in The Language of Tears Speaking the language of tears fluently is impressive
Byron Katie in A Thousand Names for Joy The best way of leading people
David Steindl-Rast in The Ground We Share Allowing the text to take hold of you
Robert Sardello in Silence We think we can find Silence by being quiet
Thomas Moore in Soul Mates Walking can be a soul activity
Harold S. Kushner in The Lord Is My Shepherd To want more of the right things
Anthony de Mello in The Heart of the Enlightened I finally managed to clean out the attic.
Molly Wolf in Hiding in Plain Sight It speaks to me, this cross, of courage, of being bold and firm and trustful in faith.
William Cleary in Prayers to an Evolutionary God Boundless Sea of Love and Energy
David S. Ariel in What Do Jews Believe? Called to recognize that every moment becomes an opportunity to find a deeper meaning
Edward Hays in Feathers on the Wind The seeds drop to the ground and so are the source of countless other plants.
Laibl Wolf in Practical Kabbalah Kabbalah is wisdom explaining spiritual energy
Nilton Bonder in Yiddishe Kop Nobel prize winner owed it all to his mother
Marcus J. Borg in The God We Never Knew One may speak of Jesus' social vision
Tamar Frankiel in The Gift of Kabbalah Our yearnings toward universality
Sharon Salzberg in Lovingkindness Don't throw anyone out of your heart
Georges Bernanos in Joy To find joy in another's joy
Gabrielle Roth in Connections If enough meditate, world can experience peace