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The Most Spiritually Literate Films of 2016 Our roundup of the best films of the year.
Our Favorite Underdog Films A collection about people -- and a pig! -- facing uphill battles for being different and having unusual dreams.
Human Rights Watch Film Festival - 2016 An annual festival of films, presented in more than 20 cities, that creates empathy and demands for justice through stories about human rights abuses.
The Scourge of Unemployment Readings, prayers, and films on the spiritual challenges of unemployment.
2015: The Year of the Social Issue Movie 57 releases in 16 categories that prove films are not just entertainment.
Films About Sisters A picks for the best movies about sisters and all these relationships can encompass.
Films about Journalists A collection of films that reveal the challenges, the benefits, and the importance of a journalism career.
Films Set in India A collection of some of our favorite films about individuals experiencing the challenges and rewards of life in India.
Invisible People Films dealing with homelessness along with a couple of spiritual practices.
Children in Jeopardy A collection of films that depict the plight of children in today's world.