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An Interview with Joyce Rupp An interview with the writer and popular retreat leader about the images in her book May I Have This Dance?, her relationships with God, spiritual practices for autumn, wonder, and hope.
A Q & A Session with Karuna Cayton The psychotherapist and author, answers questions about his book The Misleading Mind.
An Interview with Donald Altman An interview covering definitions of mindfulness, where it is being applied today, and brain research supporting its value.
A Q & A Session with Patricia Monaghan The author answers questions about her book Meditation: The Complete Guide.
Children's Spirituality On the 10th anniversary of her acclaimed children's book God's Paintbrush, Rabbi Sandy Eisenberg Sasso talks about children's spirituality and what parents can do to nurture it.
An Interview with Gary Kowalski The author talks about his book Goodbye, Friend: Healing Wisdom for Anyone Who Has Ever Lost a Pet.
An Interview with Robert Thurman A conversation with scholar and Tibetan Buddhist monk Robert Thurman about the themes in his book Infinite Life.
Interview with SARK SARK talks about dealing with bad things and being glad.
Wisdom Walk An interview with Sage Bennet
A Conversation with Kathleen Norris A Q&A with Christian poet and spiritual writer about her marriage, her writing career, and her struggles with what is sometimes called spiritual sloth or an inability to care.