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Resources for Neil Jordan

The Butcher Boy
DVD/VHS Feature Film
A timely and engrossing film about the deprivations, fantasies, and violence that can cause children to kill without regret.

In Dreams
DVD/VHS Feature Film
A scary psychological thriller with a powerful finale.

The End of the Affair
DVD/VHS Feature Film
Depicts the way a lapsed Catholic is surprised by grace and a defiant unbeliever is convinced to believe.

The Crying Game
DVD/VHS Feature Film
A corker from start to finish with its exploration of the choices which define the soul.

Interview with the Vampire
DVD/VHS Feature Film
Presents the meaninglessness of any existence where feelings are disregarded or downplayed.

Michael Collins
DVD/VHS Feature Film
Makes it clear that it is far easier to be a terrorist than to be an emissary of peace.

The Good Thief
DVD/VHS Feature Film
A stylized heist film with a stunning performance by Nick Nolte that celebrates the whimsical moves of Lady Luck in the lives of those who have nothing to lose.

The Miracle
DVD/VHS Feature Film
A wonderfully acted Irish film written about a gifted teenage musician who is mesmerized by an exotic looking woman.

Breakfast on Pluto
DVD/VHS Feature Film
An endearing portrait of a transvestite whose playful ease in the face of one harrowing experience after another makes him into what the Taoist sages call a disciple of life.

DVD/VHS Feature Film
An enchanting Irish adult fairy tale about love, redemption, and healing.