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Resources for Pico Iyer

The Global Soul
A dazzling collection of essays on the anxieties of living in a borderless world.

A marvelously inventive novel about the spiritual transformation of an Englishman studying Sufism who falls in love and opens up to the bounties of mystery and surrender.

Living Faith
A gorgeous gift book that gives us a fresh appreciation of the richness of devotional activity in India.

Tropical Classical Essays from Several Directions
Draws together some of his best work in many fields.

Falling Off the Map
A top drawer collection of essays about ususual countries.

Sun After Dark
This gifted writer's reports on his travels, his profiles of fascinating people, and his delight in exercising our capacities for wonder.

Feeding the Spiritually Hungry
Outside Link
Observations on the Dalai Lama's trip to Japan and his comments on volunteering, kindness, and service of others.

Pico Iyer Is Lost
Outside Link
A thoughtful assessment of the special qualities of Pico Iyer's travel writing and his emphasis on the spiritual dimensions of place.

The Open Road
A thought-provoking assessment of the life and work of the Dalai Lama.

The Joy of Less
Outside Link
Writer Pico Iyer on the joy and contentment he feels in having less and feeling like he has a very rich life.

Where Silence is Sacred
Outside Link
Pico Iyer on silent chapels as emergency rooms for the soul.

My Private Cineplex
Outside Link
The value of tracking your thoughts, moods, and emotions on your own private cineplex

The Joy of Quiet
Outside Link
The veteran spiritual writer on the craving for freedom from data deluge, being constantly connected that can be found by slowing down and being silent.

The Folly of the Weather Forecast
Outside Link
Why not-knowing can be the happiest state of all.