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Resources for Thomas Moore

Thomas Moore
Living Spiritual Teachers
A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Thomas Moore, pioneer explorer of the sacred art of soulful living, lecturer, prolific writer, former Catholic monk, and psychotherapist.

Thomas Moore in The Re-enchantment of Everyday Life
Xenophobia, the fear of strangers, is an infection...

The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life
Presents an imaginative and adventuresome celebration of soul as poetically engaged with the mystery, beauty, power and sacredness of the ordinary world.

Thomas Moore on Meaningful Work
Spoken-Word Audio
Explores the spiritual dimensions of labor.

Soul Mates
Tailor-made for students of soul, Thomas Moore has hit high stride as spiritual teacher.

Care of the Soul
An essential primer for those who want to relate spirituality to everyday life.

The Soul of Sex
An enthralling work on the life-affirming dimensions of sex, eros, pleasure, the human body and the body of the world.

Original Self
In 59 essays, the author muses upon the multidimensional and always fruitful journeys of the soul.

The Soul's Religion
A soulful approach to our beliefs that emphasizes mystery as an essential ingredient.

The Lost Sutras of Jesus
A fine and fetching lure to more multifaith adventures.

Uses his 12 years in a Catholic religious order as a catalyst for helping others understand the practice of everyday spirituality.

The Art of Simplicity
Spoken-Word Audio
A fresh view of a much covered contemporary phenomena.

Dark Nights of the Soul
Shows how creativity, anger, marriage, beauty, illness, and old age can serve as catalysts to transformation.

The Planets Within
Guides us through this Renaissance genius's school of imagination.

The Education of the Heart
Fascinating passages from ancient and modern authors and works.

A Blue Fire
An incisive introduction to the imaginative and brilliant work of this Jungean psychologist.

A Life at Work
The bestselling writer's advice on how to dig deeper and discover the soulful meanings of your life's work.

An Interview with Thomas Moore
Book Feature
An interview with bestselling author Thomas Moore about the lessons he's learned and spiritual practices we can do on our quest to discover our life's work.

Food for the Soul
Outside Link
Makes a good case for food as fostering community, connections, conviviality, intimacy. and pleasure.

Thomas Moore on the Economic Crisis
Outside Link
A podcast during which the foremost teacher of soul in the world analyzes the roots of the economic crisis and advises us to work through our fears instead of trying to go around them.


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