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Beyond Ideas of Wrongdoing and Rightdoing
Frederic Brussat
Moving beyond the "us versus them" scenario.

Midlife Crisis and Then Wisdom
Frederic Brussat
An exploration of midlife crises and the happiness that comes to those who get through it and live into their 70s.

Patience & Courtesy & Airplane Travel
Frederic Brussat
Spiritual practice we use when traveling by airplane.

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Force Majeure
Reuben Ostlund
A top-notch Swedish psychodrama about a marriage besieged by the fallout from a scary but harmless avalanche.

The Homesman
Tommy Lee Jones
A spiritual pioneer drama about the mysteries of the heart and the paradoxes of the human adventure which cannot be explained easily.

Seymour: An Introduction
Ethan Hawke
A cogent and exquisite documentary about Seymour Bernstein, a classical pianist who has spent the last 30 years of his life passing on his wisdom and counsel to his students.

Land Ho!
Martha Stephens, Aaron Katz
A wonderful and quirky film about two quite different seventy-somethings and their adventures during a trip to Iceland.

Richard Linklater
One of the best and most memorable films ever made about the art of improvisation as a path of wisdom, creativity, and personal renewal.

Words and Pictures
Fred Schepisi
A romantic comedy filled with epiphanies about love and the ways in which the creative process can be revived by soulmates.

Why We Are Spending Hours Watching a BBC Comedy Series about a Reverend
Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat
No summary for this article.

Hide Your Smiling Faces
Daniel Patrick Carbone
A meditation on death about two young brothers dealing with the sudden death of a friend and all the other losses around them.

Joseph Campbell, Safron Elsabeth Rossi
Previously unpublished material from Joseph Campbell on goddesses.

She's Lost Control
Anja Marqurdt
A psychological thriller about a sex therapist and her efforts to stay in control of her life.

Old Goats
Taylor Guterson
An appealing film reveals the bright side of retirement for three men.

One Chance
David Frankel
True story of a talented singer who yearns to sing opera and is encouraged in his dreams by a caring, creative, and enthusiastic wife.

The Croods
Kirk De Micco, Chris Sanders
An animated film that has it all: captivating characters, rich thematic material, humor, imaginative visuals, and an adventuresome quest.

An Inclusive Approach to Prayer
Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat
Prayer books for those on a multifaith and spiritually independent path.

Running From Crazy
Barbara Kopple
A sobering documentary focusing on Mariel Hemingway and her struggle with the terrible curse of seven suicides in her family history.

Le Week-End
Roger Michell
A witty and insightful drama about the challenges of a long-lived marriage, including old resentments, wounds, disappointments, secrets, and sexual problems.

Don Jon
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
The strange spiritual journey of a young porno addict who shifts his perspective and is set on a different path.

God in the Midst of Change
Diarmuid O'Murchu
Explorations and exercises for seeing adventure in the chaos of this transitional period in history.

Prince Avalanche
David Gordon Green
Proof that even the weirdest and most irritating people are full of surprises and capable of change.

The Way, Way Back
Nat Faxon, Jim Rash
A feel-good comedy and coming-of-age film where a shy teenager opens to the adventures of life, humor, and self-expression during a summer vacation.


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