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Resources for keyword: Ancestors

Getting Started
Darren Polito
Getting started in ritual by Calling the Directions and Elements.

Welcome to the Ritual Space
Darren Polito
Exploring ritual in our daily lives and how to engage with it more.

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Walking in Light
Sandra Ingerman
A practice-oriented resources that reveals all the connections that stem from shamanic journeying.

The Accomplisments Of The Deceased
Gregg Krech
Noticing the objects that support you in your daily life

Tom Cowan
Mindfully doing daily tasks

An excerpt from The Spiritual Practice of Remembering
Margaret Bendroth
An elegantly written argument about the importance of paying tribute to the past, tradition, the communion of saints, and ancestors.

Joan Halifax
Offers four profound reminders of what to do during the dying process.

An excerpt from To Be and How to Be
Peggy Rubin
Guidelines to seeing your life as sacred theatre and taking a path of transformation.

At Any Price
Ramin Bahrani
An engrossing drama about a farm family struggling to survive in a time when big business, new technology, and genetically modified seeds are the name of the game.

An excerpt from The Dancing Goddesses
Elizabeth Wayland Barber
A look at the long and varied history of dancing goddesses and their gift of fertility and hope for the future.

Essential Chan Buddhism
Guo Jun
A series of talks by a Chan Master that demonstrate the elegance, simplicity, and wisdom of the Zen tradition in China.

Spiritual Lessons from Living in the Dark
Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat
Reflections and lessons learned from Fred and Mary Ann's experience during Hurricane Sandy in New York City, November 2012.

Forged in the Fiery Furnace
Diana L. Hayes
A vivid illustration of the vigor and resiliency of African American spirituality.

Wisdom To Go
Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat
Wisdom for graduates in the form of proverbs, Tibetan Buddhist pith instructions, Tibetan Buddhist mind-training instructions, 12 step sayings, and aphorisms.

Julie Paschkis
An exquisitely written and illustrated children's book about ancestors, stories, and sharing.

Making Zen Your Own
Janet Jiryu Abels
Short but pungent takes on the lives and teachings of twelve ancient Chinese Zen Masters.

The Descendants
Alexander Payne
A masterful and emotionally rich movie about the grief of parting and the agony of separation in the life of a father whose losses lead to new and transformative connections.

Walking with Grandfather
Joseph M. Marshall III
A stirring serving of Lakota wisdom about life, leadership, humility, and circles.

An excerpt from The Soul's Code
James Hillman
A high-wire act of inspired creativity, spunk, and dazzling insights.

Voices of the First Day
Robert Lawlor
A revelation of the rich legacy of the aboriginals for the human race.

An excerpt from Fidelity
Thich Nhat Hanh
Spiritual practices to help keep love alive in intimate relationships.

Together We Are One
Thich Nhat Hanh
Teachings by the Zen Master to practitioners of color about mindfulness, compassion, community, and having no enemies.


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