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Resources for keyword: Courtesy

A Manners Manifesto
Frederic Brussat
Manners still matter

Treating Inanimate Things with Courtesy and Caring
Frederic Brussat
Expanding our world with reverence for inanimate objects.

Behaviors that Irritate New York City Subway Passengers
Frederic Brussat
Selfish behaviors on subways that cause irritation, stress, anger, and sometimes even fights.

All blog results

Enchanted Objects
David Rose
An exciting description of a world transformed by enchanted objects with extraordinary powers

The Life and Teachings of Hillel
Yitzhak Buxbaum
A summing up of the teachings of a revered Jewish sage.

The Good Lie
Philippe Falardeau
An emotionally warm and immensely appealing story of the immigrant experience of some survivors of the 1980s genocide in Sudan.

Say Yes
Jan Chozen Bays
Considering whether it is really necessary to disagree

An excerpt from A Person Is Like a Tree
Yitzhak Buxbaum
An exploration of the many meanings of the Jewish holiday known as the New Year of the Trees.

Let Everyone Go Ahead of You
Alan Epstein
Refining your sense of courtesy

An excerpt from How to Be Spiritual But Not Religious
Victor M. Parachin
Quotes, questions, and practices from the flexible and flowing traditions of the East to combine into your own spiritual hybrid.

Entering a Zendo
Brenda Shoshanna
Paying attention to our feet

Appreciating Others
Joseph Telushkin
Expressing gratitude to your family and friends

Good Manners
Joseph Telushkin
Treating others as if they matter

Good Manners to All
Joseph Telushkin
Being the first to extend greetings

A New Way to Be in the World
Allan Lokos
Praising others

An excerpt from Plant Spirit Medicine
Eliot Cowan
Spiritual ways to connect with plants.

Greeting Others
Yitzhak Buxbaum
Focusing with love

Yitzhak Buxbaum
Greeting someone with peace

Fading Gigolo
John Tuturro
A charming, funny and oddball drama about a gentle, quiet, and sensitive florist who knows how to give women pleasure.

The Grand Budapest Hotel
Wes Anderson
A madcap, inventive, and wonder-inducing creation about the arts of living from the inimitable writer and director Wes Anderson.

A Year with Hafiz
Hafiz , Daniel Ladinsky
A book of poems by Hafiz that reframe our vision of the world and rejuvenates within us a yearning for the Beloved.

Don't Sneeze at the Wedding
Pamela Mayer
A whimsical children's book about all the advice a flower girl gets for stopping a sneeze at a wedding.

An excerpt from Mandela's Way
Richard Stengel
Presents 15 core qualities of Nelson Mandela's character and leadership abilities.


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