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Resources for keyword: Courtesy

Cell Phone Abuse
Frederic Brussat
Etiquette for cell phone abuse, including practicing empathy and putting others first.

The Sufi Practice of Adab
Frederic Brussat
Sufis are the finest ambassadors of civility we've come across.

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An excerpt from Plant Spirit Medicine
Eliot Cowan
Spiritual ways to connect with plants.

Greeting Others
Yitzhak Buxbaum
Focusing with love

Yitzhak Buxbaum
Greeting someone with peace

Fading Gigolo
John Tuturro
A charming, funny and oddball drama about a gentle, quiet, and sensitive florist who knows how to give women pleasure.

The Grand Budapest Hotel
Wes Anderson
A madcap, inventive, and wonder-inducing creation about the arts of living from the inimitable writer and director Wes Anderson.

A Year with Hafiz
Hafiz , Daniel Ladinsky
A book of poems by Hafiz that reframe our vision of the world and rejuvenates within us a yearning for the Beloved.

Don't Sneeze at the Wedding
Pamela Mayer
A whimsical children's book about all the advice a flower girl gets for stopping a sneeze at a wedding.

An excerpt from Mandela's Way
Richard Stengel
Presents 15 core qualities of Nelson Mandela's character and leadership abilities.

An excerpt from The Girl Who Sang to the Buffalo

A window into Native American spirituality that touches the heart and stirs the soul.

You're a Rude Pig, Bertie!
Claudia Boldt
A children's book that advocates courtesy as a path with heart.

An excerpt from The Big Disconnect
Catherine Steiner-Adair, Teresa H. Barker
Practical suggestions to deal with challenges created by digital work in homes and schools.

How to Be a Friend to a Friend Who's Sick
Letty Cottin Pogrebin
A spirited, wide-ranging, and immensely helpful guide to making the most out of your visits to a sick friend.

An excerpt from Safe Journey
Julia Cameron
Short and snappy chapters on spiritual ways of dealing with the fear of flying and with other challenges as we wing our way from here to there.

Leonard Cohen Live in London
Edward Sanders
A very impressive concert displaying Leonard Cohen's melancholy songs and his Zen courtesy to his musicians.

Saracen Chivalry
Pir Zia Inayat-Khan
A visionary classic on the spiritual zest and transformative power of the chivalric code.

Sammy Spider's New Friend
Sylvia A. Rouss
A spiffy children's story illustrating the vitality of the Jewish practice of hospitality.

An excerpt from Everyday Kindness
Stephanie Dowrick
A rousing and multidimensional overview of the spiritual practice of kindness.

Master of the Three Ways
Hung Ying-ming, William Scott Wilson
Lyrical verse and large dollops of wisdom from a seventeenth-century Chinese sage based on insights from Zen Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism.

An excerpt from The Hundred Tales of Wisdom
Idries Shah
100 stories, anecdotes, and narratives about Rumi, the thirteenth century poet and Sufi seer.

The Hundred Tales of Wisdom
Idries Shah
100 stories, anecdotes, and narratives about Rumi, the thirteenth century poet and Sufi seer.


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