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Resources for keyword: Crime

A Prayer for the Victims of Domestic Violence
Frederic Brussat
Prayer for the victims of domestic violence.

A Prayer for Those Sentenced to Die Behind Bars
Frederic Brussat
No summary on this blog post

A Prayer for When the Unthinkable Happens
Frederic Brussat
A prayer in response to the Aurora shootings and other unfathomable tragedies.

All blog results

Tom Shoval
A sign-of-the-times movie about two desperate brothers in modern day Israel who kidnap a rich girl in a desperate attempt to get some economic equity.

Les Apaches
Thierry de Peretti
A sad drama set in Corsica about class warfare, youth, and greed.

Love Is the Perfect Crime
Arnaud Larrieu, Jean-Marie Larrieu
A mesmerizing psychological thriller set in the majestic Swiss Alps.

Kids for Cash
Robert May
A nightmarish and heart-wrenching documentary about fear, paranoia. greed, and an indictment of the juvenile justice system.

The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete
George Tillman, Jr.
A powerful story that takes us into the universe of the poor where two abandoned boys struggle to survive during a long hot summer.

The Wolf of Wall Street
Martin Scorsese
An over-the-top portrait of a cynical head of brokerage firm which vividly shows the soul rot afoot in America.

American Hustle
David O. Russell
Another vibrant film directed by David O. Russell that is bursting with colorful characters, funny scenes, and standout performances.

Out of the Furnace
Scott Cooper
A drama in which we watch a good man crumble and descend into darkness.

Go For Sisters
John Sayles
John Sayles drama about three marginal Americans who cross the border into Mexico to find a kidnapped African-American man.

Moments That Made the Movies
David Thomson
A selection of magical moments in 70 films released during the past 100 years.

The End of Night
Paul Bogard
An eloquently written and awesome tribute to darkness and nights.

The Anatomy of Violence
Adrian Raine
Thoughtful ideas on crime and neurocriminology.

Henry-Alex Rubin
Three compelling dramas about lives shattered by thieves using the tools of technology to steal things of great value to their victims.

The Act of Killing
Joshua Oppenheimer
A poignant and powerful wake-up call to the pornography of violence and its major role in crimes against humanity.

Abduction of Eden
Megan Griffiths
A compelling indie film inspired by a true story about a New Mexico woman who is kidnapped and forced into prostitution in a sex trade operation.

A Hijacking
Tobias Lindholm
A poignant and powerful drama about the hijacking of a Danish cargo ship and its seven-member crew by Somali pirates.

11 Flowers
Wang Xiaoshuai
A compelling Chinese coming-of-age drama about a young boy's initiation into the adult world of violence and mystery.

Side Effects
Steven Soderbergh
Another mesmerizing thriller from Steven Soderbergh set in the world of Big Pharma and the widespread use of antidepressant drugs.

West of Memphis
Amy Berg
A laser-sharp documentary about a grisly crime, the unjust imprisonment of three innocent young men, and the first crowd-sourced investigation in history.

Killing Them Softly
Andrew Dominik
A character-driven gangster drama exposing the shadow side of America as nothing more than a business ruled by money, power, and violence.


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