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Resources for keyword: Ego

Cell Phone Abuse
Frederic Brussat
Etiquette for cell phone abuse, including practicing empathy and putting others first.

The Documented Life
Frederic Brussat
New way of life: "I share, therefore I am."

Choosing Civility in a Rude Culture
Frederic Brussat
Profile of Pier M Forni, the leading advocate of civility and good manners during the coarsening of America.

All blog results

Bradford Keeney
Becoming more gentle in all that you do

Small Sufferings
Tom Cowan
Letting someone else have best portion

Be Nobody
Lama Marut
An out-of-the-box book on taming the ego.

An excerpt from Sabbath as Resistance
Walter Brueggemann
A hard-hitting and prophetic attack on the culture of NOW which devalues the Sabbath.

Jean Smith
Mindfully assessing your strengths and weaknessess

Could You Let It Go?
Arjuna Ardagh
Be willing to be wrong

Support Someone Else's Dreams
Patricia Ryan Madson
For a week agree with all of someone's ideas

A Master Builder
Jonathan Demme
A soul-stirring screen adaptation of Henrik Ibsen's brilliant novel about pride, ruthlessness, erotic power, and loss.

Sacred Laughter of the Sufis
Jamal Rahman
Superb and substantive meditations on Sufi teaching stories.

An excerpt from The Empathy Exams
Leslie Jamison
A talented essayist with a spiritual perspective on empathy and other adventures of her mind, body, and soul.

An excerpt from The Authentic Life
Ezra Bayda
A wise, profound, and generous work by a Zen master who always has much to share with the interspirituality community.

An excerpt from The Thorny Grace of It All
Brian Doyle
Forty terse essays on the little things to love about Catholicism.

I Hate Everything!
Sue Graves
A book that shows children that anger can be managed and controlled before it turns into a fire

An excerpt from Caravan of Souls
Pir Zia Inayat-Khan
Insights into the spiritual life and work of the Sufi sage Hazrat Inayat Khan.

Matthew D. Lieberman
An exploration of the many ramifications of the drive for social connection.

Nothing is Hidden
Barry Magid
An explanation of koan practice to let go of the intellect and other cumbersome impediments to wholeness.

An excerpt from Love Your Enemies
Sharon Salzberg, Robert Thurman
Personal stories and spiritual practices on loving our enemies.

Contemporary Spirituality for an Evolving World
Nicolya Christi
Maps of the steps needed to be taken for conscious evolution based on a new spirituality.

You're a Rude Pig, Bertie!
Claudia Boldt
A children's book that advocates courtesy as a path with heart.

Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa
Declan Lowney
Steve Coogan in a frisky English comedy that clicks.


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