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Resources for keyword: Ego

Beyond Ideas of Wrongdoing and Rightdoing
Frederic Brussat
Moving beyond the "us versus them" scenario.

Cell Phone Abuse
Frederic Brussat
Etiquette for cell phone abuse, including practicing empathy and putting others first.

The Documented Life
Frederic Brussat
New way of life: "I share, therefore I am."

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The Science and Practice of Humility
Jason Gregory
A discussion of humility as an evolutionary path into the future.

An excerpt from Embracing Envy
Josh Gressel
A multi-leveled exploration of envy.

Fields of Blood
Karen Armstrong
A plea for us all to take responsibility for wars and violence instead of blaming them on religion.

An excerpt from The Power of Grace
David Richo
An insightful and lyrical overview of the gift dimension of life available to all beings.

An excerpt from The Narcissist Next Door
Jeffrey Kluger
A creative and insightful treatment of the epidemic of narcissism afoot in American culture.

The Narcissist Next Door
Jeffrey Kluger
A creative and insightful treatment of the epidemic of narcissism afoot in American culture.

Speaking of Others with Openness
Diane Eshin Rizzetto
Reflecting on how we talk about others

Seeking Strength
Frances Sheridan Goulart, Native American Prayer
Prayer of Strength and Humility

Give Thanks for Blessings
Arjuna Ardagh
Releasing all sense of accomplishment

Thomas the Toadilly Terrible Bully
Janice Levy
Why trying to be special and standing apart from the crowd can lead to loneliness.

Joy in Your Heart
Pragito Dove
Remembering that joy is always within you

Right Action is Everything
Bernie S. Siegel
Letting go of anger

Blessing of the Body
Joyce Rupp
Preparing the body for life's journey

How do you maintain your lovingness?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Staying centered

Letting Go
Charlotte Sophia Kasl
Dismantling your thought structure

Thought Exercise to Transform Selfishness
Christopher Hansard
Creating a more complete physical body free from selfishness

Adoring the Heart
Jamal Rahman
Telling yourself "I love you"

Work Matters
Brenda Shoshanna
Forgetting the results

Social Status Pride
Joseph Telushkin
Realzing your dependence on others

Humility Can Serve as an Antidote
Joseph Telushkin
Remembering that you are merely one of God's creations


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