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Resources for keyword: Passion

New Love: A Short Shelf Life
Frederic Brussat
New research and scientific findings on marriage, happiness, sex, and reshaping relationships.

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When the Saints Came Marching In
Kathy Coffey
A compact and creative group of meditations on 14 saints and a batch of "glorious nobodies."

An excerpt from Between the Dark and the Daylight
Joan Chittister
An uplifting work about the art of reframing drawbacks and imperfections as spiritual teachers

An excerpt from Artemis
Jean Shinoda Bolen
A fascinating and inspiring portrait of the Greek Goddess as the archetype of the activist.

Miss Hill: Making Dance Matter
Greg Vander Veer
A documentary on the brilliant career of modern dancer and teacher Martha Hill.

Life Inside Out
Jill D'Agnenica
Touching story of mother and her son who discover that music is a healing balm.

An excerpt from Vital Signs
Gregg Levoy
An enlightening overview of the passion that comes to the fore when we truly come alive.

Vital Signs
Gregg Levoy
An enlightening overview of the passion that comes to the fore when we truly come alive.

The Grateful Life
Nina Lesowitz, Mary Beth Sammons
A sprightly and snappy resource on the benefits of the spiritual practice of gratitude.

An excerpt from Sacred Space
The Irish Jesuits
A very popular devotional resource continues to impress.

An excerpt from Small Victories
Anne Lamott
A delightful collection of essays on finding clues to God's presence in odd places.

Conscious Living, Conscious Aging
Ron Pevny
A book of immense value for those yearning for inner growth and spiritual renewal as elders.

Joan Chittister
Joan Chittister, Mary Lou Kownacki, Mary Hembrow Snyder
A collection of the writings of one of the most popular and prophetic religious voices of our times.

How to Change the World
John-Paul Flintoff
Insights and ideas on how you can find your own role in changing the world

1,000 Times Good Night
Erik Poppe
A sensitive drama about the challenges idealists and people of great passion face within the family circle.

Life of Riley
Alain Resnais
A French comedy of manners in which various couples try to cope with middle-age disappointments and mediocre marriages.

Beloved Sisters
Dominik Graf
An alluring performance by Hanna Herzsprung as a passionate, creative, and accomplished woman who is used to getting what she wants.

Seymour: An Introduction
Ethan Hawke
A cogent and exquisite documentary about Seymour Bernstein, a classical pianist who has spent the last 30 years of his life passing on his wisdom and counsel to his students.

Jimi: All Is by My Side
John Ridley
A quirky and appealing glimpse into the life and guitar virtuosity of Jimi Hendrix.

May Our Love Be Gentle
Daniel McGill
Fulfilling sexuality prayerfully

Visualize Yourself Being More Creative
Alan Epstein
Thinking about skills you've always wanted to develop


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