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Resources for keyword: Seasons

Drew Leder
Seeing snow as cleansing energy

Rejoice in Life
David Adam
Becoming enthusiastic about life

David Plowden
An astonishing collection of black-and-white photographs celebrating the Plains of the United States.

Living the Season
Ji Hyang Padma
Zen practices for wholeness, personal renewal, and human flourishing, organized by the seasons of the year.

Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee
A 3D animated princess tale saluting sisterly love and female empowerment.

Once Upon a Northern Night
Jean E. Pendziwol
An extraordinary children's picture book conveying the graceful movements and dramas of the first snowfall during a cold winter night.

Celebrating Seasonal Festivals
Christopher Hill
An imaginative work that evidences a deep reverence for the mysteries of God, human nature, time, and nature.

An excerpt from Journey into Mindfulness
Patrizia Collard
An affirmation of the remarkable spread and support of mindfulness.

An excerpt from States of Grace
Charlene Spretnak
Proclaims the value of the great wisdom traditions of the past.

To Dance with God
Gertrud Mueller Nelson
Rituals for the home and for making the most of the seasons of the church year.

An excerpt from Facing the Wave
Gretel Ehrlich
Survivors of the Tsunami in Japan talking about death, loss, grief, and glimmers of hope on the horizon.

Spring Blossoms
Carole Gerber
A joyful children's picture book that savors the beauty of blossoming trees.

My Soul Feels Lean
Joyce Rupp
A heartfelt and transformative collection of poems about loss and renewal.

The Lunar Tao
Deng Ming-Dao
Taoist meditations by a sensitive connoisseur of everyday spirituality.

Over and Under the Snow
Kate Messner
A wonder-inducing children's picture book that could function as an antidote to nature deficit disorder.

This Truth Never Fails
David Rynick
A delightful memoir of short observations on what shows up in the author's life during the four seasons.

Summer Solstice
Edward Hays
A Summer Solstice (Coming of Summer) celebration with prayer by Edward Hays

Outside Your Window
Nicola Davies
A stunning children's book pointing out the wonders and miracles taking place outside your window during each of the four seasons.

A wonderful children's book about stillness and the chance to be truly present.

In the Garden
Elizaabeth Spurr
A little boy's expression of his nurturing instinct in gardening.


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