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Resources for keyword: Sports

My Wondrous Wrists
Frederic Brussat
All the reasons why I am grateful for my flexible wrists.

Needed: Sacred Spaces Everywhere
Frederic Brussat
Our ideas for uses of the meditation room in the Barclays Center, a sports arena in Brooklyn.

Five Ways to Make It Easier for Men to Channel Empathy and Compassion
Frederic Brussat
A wake-up call for men to replace violent behavior with the tenderizing and healing powers of empathy and compassion.

All blog results

Stephane Demousteir
An exploration of the ethical disarray in the lives of an unemployed father and his 11-year old son who dreams of making it to the big time as a tennis pro

The Hunting Ground
Kirby Dick
A hard-hitting and disturbing documentary about the treatment of women who have been sexually assaulted on U. S. college campuses.

McFarland, USA
Niki Caro
An exciting sports film that also stands as an emotionally rich depiction of community, sharing, and generosity.

An excerpt from Rediscovering Reverence
Ralph Heintzman
A tribute to reverence and its circle of virtues.

The Narcissist Next Door
Jeffrey Kluger
A creative and insightful treatment of the epidemic of narcissism afoot in American culture.

Force Majeure
Reuben Ostlund
A top-notch Swedish psychodrama about a marriage besieged by the fallout from a scary but harmless avalanche.

Men, Women & Children
Jason Reitman
A comedy of manners about youth and adults hooked on the Internet.

Bennett Miller
A richly developed psychological drama about the fire of ambition in the lives of a gold-medal winning wrestler and a multimillionaire wrestling enthusiast.

Red Army
Gabe Polsky
A crowd-pleasing documentary about the adventures of the Soviet national ice-hockey team.

Blessing Prayer for Soccer Moms
William John Fitzgerald
Prayer for soccer parents and their children

The Way of the Saints
Tom Cowan
Transforming your physical energy

Million Dollar Arm
Craig Gillespie
A superb sports drama about the spiritual transformation of a sports agent.

Draft Day
Ivan Reitman
A sports dramedy that really clicks thanks to a vibrant performance by Kevin Costner.

Daniel Goleman
A master work on attention and its value in our digital world.

Ron Howard
A start-to-finish winner by director Ron Howard about two race car drivers who start out as enemies and after many years find themselves in a place that neither of them could ever have imagined.

The Short Game
Josh Greenbaum
A snappy and crowd-pleasing documentary about eight players in the World Golf Championships for children 8 and under.

Ping Pong
Hugh Hartford
A rousing documentary that pays tribute to the grit of male and female competitors in the over-80 World Table Tennis Championships.

Brian Helgeland
A workout for the emotions in the story of Jackie Robinson as a civil rights pioneer in the segregated sport of baseball in the 1940s.

An excerpt from Swim
Lynn Sherr
An enthusiastic celebration of swimming.

Lynn Sherr
An enthusiastic celebration of swimming.


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